Durusa SummerHills | We ♥ Durușa
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Road Runner Society

Road Runner Society Association or Road Runner, as we like to say, is founded by a group of young people with management skills in educational and cultural areas. Since the beginning Road Runner had the mission to promote artistic and cultural experiment as a lifestyle and support sustainable and responsible development in the rural areas through activism and facilitation of economic growth.

We have actively participated in the development process of the Maramureș-Chioar area through our projects, which focus on rural revival through educational, touristic and cultural events. Durușa SummerHills is on our agenda since 2010, although the first editions (2010-2012) weren’t advertised to the public eye.

The festival gained its reputation on the market as a small-size event with trustworthy picks of artists and partners.

Durușa SummerHills Principles:

  • Supporting the alternative and sustainable way of natural resource exploitation.
  • Integrating art and culture as rural development instruments.
  • Promoting a grateful attitude towards the use of natural resources and the surroundings.
  • Developing an active and vocal rural community.

Durușa SummerHills ’17

The 8th edition of Summer Hills baby. This year`s love was infinite. No explanation, no mix of words or music or memories can touch that sense of knowing that you were there and alive in that corner of time in the world.

We have prepared two music platforms on the hill and a third in the village. Visual installations that will blow your mind, cinema, graffiti, playground, theatre, leisure activities, collaborative painting and more. Adding to all that, a top notch bar with only the best drinks and staff… and of course the cuisine – a Romanian-French joint venture delivered by Chef Michael Pascale.


Durușa SummerHills Frendstival

Say hello to my little Frend !

A festival only for friends, old and new – FRENDSTIVAL.

Many happened throughout the year. Another brick on the RRS map – we designed, we built, we grew and made new friends. There are many good reasons to celebrate.

48 hours of good music, as usual, played by our DJ friends.

In other words, we party with friends as much as a festival can make us!

*We know the “i” is missing 😉


Durușa SummerHills ’15

A fresh and intimate party, up on the hill, near a remote village in Maramureș is the place to be at the end of the summer. Believe!! The dopest afterpartysummerfestival, all in one word, which in all resembles a big garden party with the nicest folks around.
◖ Summer Hills is a music oriented festival more or less. A lot of dancing is going on and a lot of fun-smart activities during the day and night.◗
◖ Don`t forget your dancing shoes and the creative spirit. We`ll be testing them both, promise. ◗
◖ For a proper sexy tan, do bring sun cream. ◗


Durușa SummerHills ’14

The solar encounter makes your feet go round and awakens your hearing with fabulous sounds. Visual delights round the corner of sunny Durusa.
☁ Refreshing shade under the hot august sun.
☼ There is no limit with no clouds in the sky.