Durusa Summer Hills | Music Festival
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Wake and shake

A fine selection of DJs, musicians and funky electronic beats.


Summon your frends on the sunny hills of Maramureș. The “i” is missing, we know it 😉

Off the grid

Pack a tent, a sleeping bag, a flashlight and warm clothes for all kind of weather.

Get ready to explore

Take hikes and explore the village and the nearby hills.

Road Runner Society

Just a bunch of dolphins flying over the ocean`s floor chasing the warm waters. Come at Durușa to get to know each and every one of us.


A fine selection of DJs, musicians and funky electronic beats, mixed with a bunch of visual perfomers and a pinch of grafitti artists.

Food & Drinks

Fresh cocktails, disco shots and frosty beverages. The menu is completed with a Maramureș traditional list of local spirits and refreshers.

And also get your tummy ready. A hand-picked selection of food trucks will supply you with sweet’n’sour deserts and salt’n’pepa goodies. Just bring your appetite.

How do you get there?

Not too far, but not that close. An adventurous road that will be worth your trouble. Find your way to Durușa’s Summerhills from anywhere.

Partners & Sponsors

Each year there is a handful of people who enroll with us in a musical joint venture. Much obliged for teaming up with us to make Durusa Summerhills Festival possible.